Regular K-style with DoublePro Micro Filtration

K-style 5/6" eaves-troughs

The Regular K-Style eaves-troughs are the most common and popular among the north american folk home. 

We offer material delivery, machine extrusion services and high quality insured installations of the common 5" & 6" K-style gutters. 

This is the newest system which comes with the DoublePro MICROFILTRATION & Continuous Hanger Leafguard system!

This new system has a fine mesh micro filter that won't let pine needles or shingle debris into the gutters.

Regular 5/6" Eaves with T-Rex Continuous Hanger

T-rex alu-rex leaf guards for gutters

5 or 6 Inch K-style eaves trough with T-Rex Continuous Hanger system leaf-guards. 

The T-Rex M-5200 comes with a lifetime manufacture and sturdiness warranty in addition to a 40-year clog-free warranty. 

Gutters that use the T-Rex system are closed and seamless. Unlike gutters installed with nails or hooks, which are left open and exposed, gutters equipped with T-Rex continuous hangers are solid and protected from leaves, debris, snow, and ice. 

6" Half Round Euro-style eaves-troughs with leaf guard system

Half round eaves troughs

European style half-round design now available in Canada. 6" Copper or aluminum machined extrusion and custom fabrication.  

Perfect half-round round eaves with matching round downspouts and custom exterior decorative brackets.

Round downspouts, overhang turns and various collector boxes and decorative wall straps complete the look. 

Looking for Custom Shape Eavestroughs

Industrial or residential in-house fabrication and on-site installation of any custom shape design/size eaves-trough. 

Design your own eaves-troughs, there are no limits, custom eaves tailor designed to your project specifications and/or imagination. 

We love to be challenged DAILY and would love the opportunity to be a part of something so unique and diverse. 

Custom heavy metal 22 gauge gutter shape

Custom Shape 22 Gauge Metal  Gutters