Eaves-trough different shapes, sizes & styles

Welcome. Listed bellow you will find all the different types of eaves-trough; 

regular, K-style, half-round, square, rectangular and  many other custom shapes/designs. 

We provide our clients with services such as; on-site & off/on-site metal extrusions for the custom shape eaves-troughs. Please sit back, take your time and see all the different types/styles of eaves trough installations we can provide to our customers. 

5" & 6" Regular K-style eaves-trough

The Regular K-Style eaves-troughs are the most common and popular among the north american folk home. We offer material delivery, machine extrusion services and high quality insured installations of the common 5" & 6" K-style gutters. The K-style is one of the most economical choice of eaves-troughs. However, combined new 5" or 6" eaves-trough installation with the lifetime AluRex continuous hanger system comes with a Lifetime Warranty! The installations are performed by qualified/insured & well mannered professional crews with seamless corner to corner applications.

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Extruding 5" K-style Eaves-trough

Here we are extruding a 5" k-style aluminum piece of eaves-trough. The machine is ran directly from our trucks. All our machine-ran pieces are exact lengths and thus seamless

Half-Round Euro-style eaves-trough

Finally, the half-round euro-style machine on-site extrusions and fabrication is available in Toronto & GTA Ontario Canada. Seamless rounded soldered copper corners and various spout collector head types with decorative exterior hangers. Round downspouts, overhang turns and various collector boxes and decorative wall straps complete the look.

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Custom size square eaves-trough

5" & 6" square shape eaves-trough fabrication, delivery and on-site installation. The simple elegant shape of a square is ever so popular with the new modern home design. The modern home look is on the rise again and the square eaves-trough application completely fits the roof-line. Complete with square/rectangle downspouts and/or rain-chain combination it completes the beatify of modern simplicity. Square eaves-troughs are timeless works of art, forever fashionable.

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Custom shape design eaves-trough

Industrial or residential in-house fabrication and on-site installation of any custom shape design/size eaves-trough. Design your own eaves-troughs, there are no limits, custom eaves tailor designed to your project specifications and/or imagination. We love to be challenged and would love the opportunity to be a part of something so unique and diverse.

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