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We deliver, supply & install Eaves-troughs, leaf-guards and downspouts for all types of home exterior project applications.

 We extrude and fabricate on-site a variety of eaves-trough/gutter & downspout types, shapes, colours and sizes. We highly recommend the new continuous hanger system Lifetime Warranty  Leaf-guards for your NEW eaves-trough installation.

Professional Experienced Team

Meet with our experts as early as TODAY or at your earliest convenience on-site to discuss your project details. Please feel free to also stop by our office during regular working hours and we can discuss any upcoming projects by looking at the architectural drawings together. Image rendering of project pictures/animations can be arranged.

"Never mind the rest;

 just get the BEST!"

On-site K-style: 5/6" Aluminum extrusions and fabrication of seamless Eaves-trough with Leaf-Guard

Looking for Life Time Warranty?

This is the newest and best leaf-guard product on the market! Take a look at this video bellow to see why.

Complete Customer satisfaction guaranteed

We are all about putting the customer first. After all a happy customer is more likely to refer our products and services to their family and friends!

We offer an exceptional & professional client experience from start to finish of the project(s) by offering all of the following features;

  • seamless communication
  • *budgeting*
  • daily on-site progress 
  • everlasting quality workmanship 
  • professional team members
  • Complete Customer Satisfaction!!!

On-site Half-round copper & aluminum extrusion + fabrication of euro-style eaves-troughs

Extruding 5" K-style Eaves Trough

Here we are extruding a 5" K-style aluminum 35ft piece of eaves-trough. The machine is run directly from our trucks. All our eaves-trough pieces are run to exact length and are thus seamless. Lifetime warranty on product and installation when you get the continuous hanger leaf-guards.

How about that Life Time product and installation warranty on the new continuous hanger Leaf-guards.

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Please write us a detailed message about your exciting new upcoming home project, or call us for a free quote at your earliest convenience. We can meet on-site to discuss the project details or if You prefer sending us the architectural drawing (.PDF) files of the project.

Eaves N Spouts

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