flat square 4 by 4 downspout

Downspouts; square, rectangle & round


Downspouts waterspout, downpipe, drain spout, roof drain pipe, leader are usually vertical and usually extend down to ground level. The water is directed away from the building's foundation, to protect the foundations from water damage. The water is usually piped to a sewer, or let into the ground.

We supply and install various downspout shapes and sizes. Most popular are the corrugated 4x4 inch. Besides them we produce and install the modern flat square waterspouts. Also popular on the bigger homes are the flat or corrugated 4x3 rectangular shape downspouts. 

We also supply and install round downspouts. They go together very nicely with Euro-style Half-Round eaves troughs. Both 3" & 4" inch downspout widths are available for purchase and installation. Downspout connector heads are also used to connect the spout with the eaves-troughs.

Downspout Designs

There are four different shapes/style that we commonly use: 

  1. Square-flat (4"x4")
  2. Round- flat (3"&4" diamater)
  3. Rectangle-flat  (3"x4")
  4. Square-corrugated (4"x4")

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Downspout Disconnection Program

 Downspout Disconnection Maintenance improves property value and increases the safety and comfort of your home. One improvement you can easily make is to disconnect any downspouts connected to the sewer system.
Properly disconnecting your downspouts allows storm water to flow away from your foundation onto gardens, landscaped areas and lawns. This way, water slowly soaks into the ground, where it is naturally filtered and returned to the water table.

Instructions for disconnecting your downspout

How to disconnect a downspout/rainspout

This simple video shows you how to disconnect a downspout from your sewer drains.

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