Why Leaf-guards you ask?

Should You consider leaf-guards with eaves troughs?

LIFETIME WARRANTY is NOW available when you get the continuous hanger leaf-guard system with your new eaves-trough! I would definitely protect my home from any water & mold  damage that a potential clogged eaves-trough system can do. So, its a definite MUST!!

Besides who likes cleaning gutters anyways?

It could become a very costly liability that can easily be eliminated.

Why hire a contractor every year to clean your eaves or even think of taking on the dangerous task yourself? 

To prevent further timely and expensive never ending yearly contractor visits or even worse the dangerous of taking on the balancing acrobatic roof tasks yourself.

Let us install the Lifetime leaf-guard continuous hangers with  your new eaves-troughs TODAY and sleep happy and sound knowing that "You will NEVER think about cleaning your eaves EVER AGAIN!!!"


Lifetime leaf-guard and eaves trough installations

Properly installed eaves-troughs with leaf-guards will eliminate the need to hire future contractors to maintain your eaves-trough system. Additionally, it will provide extra longevity to the eaves-trough system all together. 

Want LifeTime Warranty?

Then we recommend using the continuous hanger  lifetieme system when installing your new eaves. However, we also offer innovative solutions leaf-guard for your existing eaves-troughs. 

The 3 Leaf-Guard & Ice/Snow Enclosed Eave Systems

Double Pro Pine Micro filtration system
T-Rex Alu-Rex Leaf-Guard Continuous Hanger
Gutter Clean Leaf-Guard for existing eavestroughs

DoublePro Micro-filtration

Double Pro Alu-Rex Leaf-Guard

Keeps Pine Needles Out


The microfiltration protection

  • Alu-Rex is the world pioneer, using two perforated aluminum membranes in a gutter guard. The second membrane is able to block access to tapered debris such as pine needles which are often the cause of major obstruction while allowing the viscous substances that cause trouble to flow when the perforations are too fine.

Securly Fastens The Gutter To Your Home


 The DoublePro makes your rain gutters stronger

  • It can support the weight of snow, ice and ladders.
  • It keeps snow out of eavestroughs, eliminating the risk of warping due to freezing and thawing.

Innovative design

  • With the DoublePro continuous hanger, your rain gutters are reinforced from end to end. There are no weak points. It can even hold   the weight of three people.

Winter Shield Technology


  • Snow and ice remain on top of the product
  • Does not rust or warp
  • Your eavestroughs will drain normally when it rains or the  weather warms up.
  • Protects against expansion caused by snow and ice thawing and freezing inside of the rain gutter.

Eclipse Technology

 The double membrane keeps debris from getting inside the gutter. The offset holes make it the perfect filter, allowing water to drain freely while blocking pine needles and leaves without ever getting clogged. 

Vortex Technology

 The suction created by the two membranes makes it possible to drain three times more water than ever recorded in the heaviest storms. The inner membrane draws water through the wider holes. 


DoublePro Microfilter Leaf Guards

T-Rex Continuous Hanger Leaf-Guards


Life Time Warranty

 The T-Rex M-5200 comes with a lifetime manufacture and sturdiness warranty in addition to a 40-year clog-free warranty. 

Self Sealing Screws

 Self Sealing Screws make sure the product is strong and reduce risk of water infiltration. They will last for many years, no need for replacement.  

Alu Perf Perforations

 The perfect balance between maximum drainage and debris protection. The eaves troughs do not clog and have a 40-year warranty. They drain 29.7 in. (755mm) of water an hour, according to independent tests. 

Roll Back Technology

 Keeps water inside the evavetrough even during heavy rains. No overflow, according to independants tests. 

Prolonged Eaves LifteTime

 Eaves-troughs that use the T-Rex system are closed and seamless. Unlike gutters installed with nails or hooks, which are left open and exposed, gutters equipped with T-Rex continuous hangers are solid and protected from leaves, debris, snow, and ice. 

T-rex leaf-guard specs

T-Rex Continuous Hanger Leaf Guard

The T-Rex Leaf-Guards for Eaves-troughs at a glance

Looking closely at the image above, You can clearly see why this leaf-guard system is the best and most lasting gutter system on the market Period. 

Alu-rex products continuously outlast and outperform anything else out there on the market! You can take my word for it as I am a qualified Alu-Rex Pro installer, or you can find out the hard way!

I'd prefer we both get some rest and sleep during the night assured knowing that we both made the right choice!

Still not impressed with the T-Rex Leaf-guard?

How about that 40 year product and installation warranty?  

There is nothing else like it on the market and I guarantee it.

Other guys product cant even compare, skip the headache of other failed products.

Your home is NOT test-ground for their products! Protect your investment by choosing a product that last forever!

Continuous Hanger Snow/Ice Blocking


Gutter clean for existing guters


 In summer: When an eavestrough is clogged by leaves and debris, water cannot drain, and will automatically flow toward the home, causing water infiltration. The Gutter Clean System stops leaves and debris from clogging the gutter, reducing water infiltration.

In winter: The Gutter Clean System lets eavestroughs function normally throughout the year. A rain gutter clogged by snow and ice in the winter does not function correctly. During rains or warmer weather, water will seep into the home since it cannot be drained by the rain gutter.



Does not rust, crack, chip or warp

Does not fall into the eavestrough under the weight of snow and debris.

Winter Shield Technology


You rain gutters will drain normally when it rains or the weather warms up.

Protect from the expansion of ice as it thaws and refreezes inside of the eavestrough.

Protection all Winter Long